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Selecting and Adjusting Multiple SVG Paths in AI

Is there a way to select and Adjust Multiple SVG Paths at one time in Adobe Illustrator?

I'm not very illustrator savvy and I find it cumbersome to try and locate a particular path with my mouse when its opacity is set to 0 (and therefore not visible).

What would be ridiculously awesome would be the ability to select multiple paths (or all the paths) at once and adjust the opacity one time for all of them.

When I try to select them in the layer panel it is to no avail



1) to select any path quickly and easily, click it's selection circle in the layers menu

Shift-click to select multiple layers, or click the circle for the whole group to select everything in that group.

2) On the canvas, if you use the lasso tool it will partially select all paths that it crosses
if you then change the opacity it will change for all partially selected paths

(if you plan to make any paths completely transparent, make that the last thing you do. so you won't have to worry about finding invisible paths)

Also be sure to check out Adobe's help section their website or youtube. There is probably a youtube tutorial for just about any basic process that you want to learn about illustrator.

Good luck!

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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