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Exporting to .avi or another video file other than a scribe.

Hi, I am creating a video for a client and am hoping to export the video from videoscribe as an avi, or some other video file that can be opened by someone without the program. I was very excited to discover your program and have been very happy with it so far, but this is sort of a deciding factor in whether or not it is useful to me.

Is it possible to export to another video format that would be compatible with the average computer users programs?

Hi Ada,

Thanks for your question.

The .scribe file is not the video but the Project file.

You can publish a project file as a Pro user in the following formats, .WMV, .MOV, .FLV

When you have the project loaded on the canvas, you will need to select the 'Publish' button.

As a trial user, you can publish to Youtube, Facebook or as a PowerPoint presentation.


I have started a few times exporting my scribe project to format AVI. full HD unfortunately the

software ended up as not responding in the last few seconds of the export process.

Could you please clarify what is the issue. I need my scribe to be exported in an .avi format?

Please let me know ASAP as I am approaching deadlines for my client and this

is kind of inconvenient.


Rumen Moskov

Here is a screen shot from your program.

There is the option to export in AVI so I am not sure what is the problem? Please clarify ASAP


1) Save your project (work file) to the cloud folder and tell customer support the name of it so they can look at it.

2) some of the common causes of failing to render a video include: image file sizes that are too large, too much zooming in/out or excessive camera panning, one or more corrupt or otherwise unreadable images, a problem with a sound file...

3) Sometimes if you save and close the work file, restart videoscribe and then try to publish it again , it might work even though there are problems in the scribe that should probably be addressed.

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-Mike(videoscribe user)

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