Arabic language issue

  • Hi there I have a problem when I try to write in Arabic language on the software, the alphabets looks different once connected. separate alphabets doesn't have meaning and doesn't tell when a word is completed or the gap between different words, other video building softwares have Arabic language working perfectly with connected alphabets.

    This would be a big issue for anyone who makes videos for an Arabic speaking audience.

    Please let us know if this is fixed or if there is any update coming to solve this issue.

    Neigel W.

  • See here:

    It' a bug , they did not fix so far...

  • We have sent this over to our dev team.

    It is likely the whole font input system will need to be reviewed and changed.

    There is no ETA this at present.

  • I can see the last reply on that was 10 months ago. Are there any updates to this?

    I downloaded the desktop application a few days ago. Having Arabic supported is an important feature for me to decide if I will go for videoscribe or not.

    Thanks a lot

  • No update at this point. Support of more for non-western character sets outside the ones already supported is on the product roadmap but we have no firm timeline on when more sets will be available and which ones they will be.

  • Hello,

    Not being able to use Arabic character is frustrating.

    Can I input the arabic words as a picture not text?

    What type of file (.jpg or .png ...) we need to use to be accepted in Sparkol?



  • It's a useless for me without Arabic can I cancel my order after purchasing. Please advise
  • Mohamed, I can see you raised a support ticket as well. I will reply in full on that

  • This problem must be solved, otherwise this program is useless for many users.

    It can be implemented as plugin or us additional version that ONLY users who are interested can download it. 

    Hope you can get me a really good answer.

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