Suggestion for new hand action/motion

  • Hands draw and move in objects in, but they can also move the paper to make room for a new drawing side by side with the old drawing.

    This can be used in a nuanced way - sort of pushing the paper a bit aside so drawing continues to its left or right - but also as an inter-cut between two scenes, with the drawing pushed completely out of sight and a new drawing then begins on a clean piece of paper.  

    This kind of move is very typical for "cutout: type of animations.

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  • This is all an extension of the current feature that slides an object on to the canvas instead of drawing it. This feature would enable a whole range of creative possibilities. Here's a wish list: 

    1. A hand that slides the entire canvas 
    2. A hand that slides one object around or off the canvas
    3. A hand that slides on group of objects around or off the canvas

  • All great ideas.

    Extend the "hand" paradigm - for example, an animated hand to "slap" items off the screen, or a hand that would grab items (like the hand that draws from behind..?), to remove items.

    Removing and moving objects is a real area that could receive some attention.

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