Add audio tracks to editing timeline

  • An editable audio track would be huge. Currently I export the video and finish with audio with Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • It MUST be the first feature to implement in this software. Please notify pro subscribers regards the exact date of launching this feature. Am paying for a third party to adjust the audio for me. It would make a huge leap for this software and it doesn't require any more likes or survey. PLEASE make it happen in less than a month. This idea was posted in 2014 for God sake !

  • I asked for this so long ago that my subscription expired; and, because there has been no effort to address this feature, I let it expire without protest, looking to Explaindio and Powtoons to give me what I want with less effort. 

    I really like the product; but can't afford the time to adjust the audio and can't afford to own all the products I would have to, to get what I want. 

    What I don't understand is why you don't either get crackin' on it, or at at the very least give us the respect to explain what's so complex and difficult that you can't or won't do it. 

    As a former founder of a successful software company, I know that a strong expression of a desire for a feature on the part of my customer base is manna from heaven! It's a huge opportunity. And it certainly shouldn't be treated as cavalierly as you guys have treated this one and for so long.

  • I guess i will let my subscription expire as Ellis Traub did. I had no idea about the other alternatives though. Why would I pay for less features if there's another service that would improve my performance. 

    Thanks Ellis

  • Most definitely PLEASE Guys! It is FANTASTIC software and I love it! I am using the trial version at the moment but as soon as I can afford the $665 I will be purchasing it without question. Here in South Africa that is more than some people earn in 2 months - currently about roughly R13000.00. A timeline where we can manipulate the voiceovers and other audio tracks to get everything in sync with the scribe would be the bees knees!!!

    God Bless


  • Hello All, so we have some unhappy campers and understandably so!

    I would love to give you something really concrete on this and say it's going to be in by xx/xx/xxxx but I just can't at this point. The issue this end has always been that the way VideoScribe has been designed meant that this is a overhaul project rather than something we could easily just bolt/add on. 

    What I can say is that we have a new CTO here at Sparkol and while in the embryonic stages of planning we are looking to completely redesign, rebuild and renovate VideoScribe and the work on this has started in the last week or so. Exactly what will be included is still to be confirmed and I am sure it will evolve as we move through the process but additional audio editing features is on the list of must haves for this new version. 

  • Barry! Thanks for the note - this is GOOD NEWS!!! Please keep me posted.


    Graham in South Africa

  • I'm keenly following this thread. At the very least the ability to fade tracks out at the end - I was quite shocked to realise this isn't a feature. Fingers crossed it'll be here soon! 

  • Yes..I was thinking of it, audio syncing with video is a great idea and Barry Radford I think there are enough likes to start working on this, as it would help us creating a better video with different music.

  • For syncing audio with video, what I would like to see is an implementation similar to that used in Camtasia 2's interface. Camtasia 2 makes video and voiceover syncing a breeze as it allows you to record your video and then to add a voiceover track that can be made up of small snippets of easily recorded and manipulated audio so that you do not have to record your voiceover as one long string. 

  • I am eagerly awaiting this feature! I would love to be able to fade in and out music. Currently I have to add the voice and scribe into a second program so that I can "cut up" the scribe, fade out the first part, mute the middle and fade in the last without affecting the voice. It would be a lot easier just to have it all in the scribe :)

    I am also looking forward to see what the rebuild will be like :)

    Thank you!!

  • Please please PLEASE add more options for audio - audio synching; fading in/out; multiple tracks; etc!!!!!!

    Thank you - can't wait to see the future enhancements!!!!  :)

  • Sorry, but why hasn't this feature been implemented even 1.5 years later? The moment I started creating my first scribe, I realized I need this. Is there a technical reason?