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Youtube uploade problem

I'm on my last day of my trial version, It shows me that I have only 5 hours left.

I was trying to upload it to youtube since yesterday.

The problem is whenever I finished lendering video, it just shows me

copy this code and paste it on your application? like that.

If this is the right track, where do I have to put the code??please answer me :(

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I have the same problem :-(.  

Spend a lot of time making the scribe and now I can't upload it. Very frustrating. I won't do this again. 

what is the code (can you post it here) ?
Is it a link to the video on youtube?

Lucita, same question.

(Also be aware that you must have created and VERIFIED a youtube channel to upload videos through videoscribe)


Hi Sabrina,

Sorry you have this issue.

Does you get the following message?

This message is part of the new process that VideoScribe uploads to Youtube.

What you may see is this screen flashing up for a moment or two then you're taken back to the VideoScribe application where the upload should start.

You do not nee to do anything with this code.

Please let us know if you are not taken back to VideoScribe after this message briefly appears.

my case is different, it didn't appear any code, but after  successfully uploaded, my video which is ori 3.46 minutes long become 0.01sec only. please help me!

and youtube says: failed(unable to convert video file). what's that???? @.@

Hi Soo,

there may be an issue with your scribe file. If you still get the same issue after saving the scribe with a new name, closing and reopening VideoScribe, reloading the new scribe and trying the upload again, please create a new support ticket and we can look into it for you.

Hi, I have the same problem as Sabrina. It's just that shortly when the code appears instead of taking me back to the videoscribe app where the upload should start it'll start over again. Meaning that a box appears where I'm asked if I would allow videoscribe to manage my videos. And when I check my youtube account the video will appear saying "Processing has started" but that's it. I checked my youtube account and it was verified so I'm really at a lost on what to do. 

 Same here! I see the code blinking for a short moment and then it all starts over. I am redirected to VideoScribe in a window that asks me the name of the video, description and tags. When I click the OK checkmark it redirects me to Google verification ("this application wants to...") and I hit accept. It then shows the code again and redirects me to VideoScribe and so it goes, in an eternal loop.

Also free trial.

Thank you very much!


If you are having an issue uploading to YouTube you should save the scribe with a new name, restart VideoScribe, load the newly named scribe and try the upload again. If you still have an issue after this please open a support ticket.

I start to doubt the ethics and integrity of this company. I eventually had to buy VideoScribe because I didn't want to lose all the hard work of making my video (I made it for a project for my mother in law). I tried all suggestions to upload it but it never happened. And what was my surprise to know that shortly after my purchase, I could upload the video without any problems! I didn't change a thing, only logged in with my now pro account, and it went smoothly into youtube.

I will ask for a refund immediately.
Based on the information you have provided, it sounds like restarting videoscribe solved the problem as suggested. If that is not the case, did you ever file that support ticket as suggested? They sometimes extend free trials in cases involving troubleshooting.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


 Nope! As I said, I had already tried restarting VideoScribe with the suggestion of renaming the file, and it DIDN'T work.

It only workd after logging in with a pro account.

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