• According by your website terms and contitions, you can close your account. How do I do that? I don't have any payment or subscriptions or free trials. I actually want to delete my profile/account. How do I do that? And I saw that you couldn't do this, but the terms and conditions said nothing about this. So I want to know how I'm going to delete this account.

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  • Hi Benno, we do not delete accounts and I cannot see this in our terms. Feel free to change your account details to something else.

    Closing accounts relates to user who has a subscription.

    As the trial is only valid for one use we do keep certain logs.

  • As I undertood right if I have a subscription I do can close my accout, dont't I? I actually have the same question - can I be closed if having a cancelled subscription?

  • Max, you can cancel a subscription but you cannot close and delete a Sparkol account.

  • I see, thanks!

  • Hi, Can I delete videos I posted on
  • Yes you can, the below options are available on videos you have uploaded

  • Hi, Thanks very much. I have tried deleting videos that way but they are still showing on my account even after deleting them. Why is that so?
  • You should see a confirmation pop-up window when you click remove but if you click OK to that the video will be deleted. Are you seeing that window as well?

  • Thanks mate. Finally deleted.
  • You know in todays world everyone is so greedy of grabbing someone's personal data and holding on to it which is just ridiculous. Now I found a way to get rid of any stupid company that dictates on consumer privacy. I mean who on earth gives anyone the right to hold my data against my permission and I know they come and say blah blah blah blah u accepted my terms and conditions .... my ........ I ditched you guys now. This is my first and last message i guess. How to do it???? make a new email and change it to all the crappy company accounts like this one and once it is changed then dump the email and that's it. This is one way until these guys can learn some basic coding and put a bloody button that says "Delete Account", you know why they don't do it? coz they know once someone is here the only way to keep them here is by not allowing them to delete their account but companies like this one forget that freedom and privacy is not theirs to hold. anyway i don;t even know if someone is going to read this but i just felt so frustrated with the way they show us the freakin mirror or their stupid terms and conditions.

  • Raj,
    What you suggested in your rant was already suggested very clearly by a Sparkol representative in the very first reply in this same thread...

    Of course you can change your personal account details....

    ...but they cannot simply delete a whole account because each account is linked to database entries proving that the company has done business with clients, and received payments in exchange for goods or services. Businesses HAVE to keep records like that for a number of reasons.

    -Mike (not an employee of sparkol, but I have worked for Internet based companies)


  • Delete my videoscribe account

  • I encourage you to take proper attitude on SM  and make other people aware of this "DYSFUNCTIONALITY".   I am sure there are many ways Sparkol can keep accurate records of past active accounts, not necessarily by keeping these accounts active and shamelessly ignoring  user's requests to have their account deleted.Shame on you, Sparkol, for stealing our freedom of decision!!!

  • We do on occassion delete accounts but and we are governed by UK and EU Law so need to comply with those.

     - If you have paid us for something we need to keep financial records for a number of years. I'm do not work in legal or finance but from memory I believe this is 7 years.

     - If you have used a free-trial we have the right to keep your data to protect ourselves from customers consistantly trialling and not buying.

    So if you have not purchased and not used a trial then raise a support ticket and we'll delete the account. Otherwise, the account will stay but it is yours so you can amend the data within it as you wish.