i want to take yearly subscription on discount offered

  •  hi,

    i purchased a monthly subscription plan, and its yet not over. if i now subscribe for an yearly plan, since discount going on, i would loose a month amount i believe. please clarify. also i want to ask that i often get a message, that you are already signed in through other machine. where as no one else uses my account. regards, sarita chadha

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  • Hi Sarita,

    Please see information on our help pages about upgrading your account.

    You will get a message about being logged in on another machine if you have been using VideoScribe on another computer and forgot to log out or sometimes if the software crashed for some reason. You will need to wait five minutes before you are able to log back in again after a crash.

    If this keeps happening on a regular basis please open a support ticket and we can look into it for you.

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