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Transparent video overlays

I recently purchased the new software "Explaindio". It's main feature is to animate your scribes on top of videos, which is something I've been doing with Sparkol ever since I joined some time ago. My question or idea is... If sparkol could produce a transparent background we can do our scribes on, it would  make it so much easier and faster than the steps I have to take to get that effect.

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Hi Frederick,

you can export your scribe as PNG sequences and the background of each PNG image will be transparent.

There is a post on our blog that explains how to do this entitled 'How to overlay video with hand-drawn animation'

Easy sketch also offers this


Another issue... I am attempting to export png image sequences with transparency, and although
some transparency is preserved there seems to be an opaque layer of paper texture in the images,
such that it is not a true transparency.  Is there a way to export png's with true transparency and
not the paper texture/distress? 

You can see in this screen shot that I have a png export in photoshop above a layer
of solid black.  However, it doesn't appear solid black under the image,
it is a sort of gray, with paper texture, resulting from the texture/distress of the export.
How can I avoid this?  this is crucial to my success with this project.

The link to the video provided in the thread above is dead.



I think the second option on the paper menu is "no texture"

make sure you have that selected.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike, I'll give that a try!


Hi. could someone update this question as the link the Admin posted above is no longer active. I specifically bought Videoscribe to be able to overlay my videos with graphic. Before I spend ages learning the software I want to make sure I can definitely achieve this effect!!


A google search indicates it is now here:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike

Thanks. I have also updated the link in the original reply.

Hmm having some trouble actually doing this. I've created a scribe, exported it an a PNG as instructed. I've only done a small portion of what I need to do (2 of a 10 minute film) but even then it has created nearly 3000 files / individual images. It took several attempts to get Premier Pro to import them all (without crashing) and then when I finally put them into the timeline the images are all black!! Whats going wrong! 

You can attach at least on of the PNG images if you want feedback.

You probably need to attach the .scribe file too.

If you want customer support to look at it too, raise a ticket

You could also, as an alternative, try making the scribe with a green background and then exporting it as a plain old video and using some kind of chroma key color removal in premier.

-Mike ( videoscribe user)

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