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RTL language encoding support with correct visual text


For Arabic... as an RTL language:
The "draw backwards" feature allows the right direction of text drawing BUT the text itself appears "scattered" and not connected, this is a problem.

Unlike English, letters of 1 word in Arabic should be connected to one another, just like you hand-write connected letters in English. When using Videoscripe the letters does not get connected, therefore not readable in Arabic.

Can you suggest a font that works actually in Arabic? where words appear visually correct?

I can help with proof reading... 

That's a good suggestion and they may be able to improve the arabic support.

Have you tried decreasing the "gap" setting from zero to -2, -4 ,-6 or more?
If the font is a monospace font (if the spacing is the same for every character), that might work.

possibly : "Deja Vu Sans Mono"  or "Thabit"

related thread:!topic/persian-computing/Xg-TKyyZjqA

-Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)



it's a bug that was not fixed ... so far!

I am not sure what should be done to ask them to fix it ...

You should probably click the "do you like this idea?" link in this thread and the other suggestion threads if you want it to be a higher priority.  If you are going to bump any thread, it should probably be the other suggestion thread which already has 3 votes.

(Bumping five threads about this topic probably does not help. Maybe CUSTOMER SUPPORT can consolidate the three Arabic suggestion threads into one thread so all of the upvotes will not be divided.)

-Mike(videoscribe user)
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