Pago con Tarjeta Débito/Payment by Debit Card

  • Buen día

    Estoy tratando de adquirir la opción de compra del producto por un mes al precio de USD$ 29.00, con cancelación en cualquier momento, sin poder concretarlo.

    Estoy tratando de usar mi Tarjeta de Débito, la cual tiene saldo disponible, pero no obtengo resultado.

    La duda que tengo es si está disponible la opción de la compra del producto mediante el uso de Tarjeta de Débito o únicamente con con Tarjeta de Crédito.

    Luis Trujillo


    Good day

    I am trying to acquire the option to purchase the product for one month at the price of USD $ 29.00, with cancellation at any time, unable to achieve it.

    I'm trying to use my debit card, which is available balance, but I get no result.

    The question I have is whether the option of purchasing the product is available by using Debit or solely with Credit Card.

    Luis Trujillo

  • Hi Luis,

    You are able to purchase VideoScribe using credit or debit card. If you are having difficulties please try either using a different card and/or contacting your card issuer to make sure the transaction is being authorised.

  • Good afternoon,

    I wanted to purchase the product for a month, but at the time of purchase i was wrong and make the subscription for one year. The problem is that only thought to use this once, for an exhibition of college, my economic capacity does not give me to pay for the subscription of 1 year, so i want to know if you can help me so that will be deducted from the credit card with which i buy only signing of a month and not one year,

    Could you help me with this?

    If they can help me, Could you say me that step i can take?

    Thank you very much

  • Hi,

    To contact support directly, you can RAISE A SUPPORT TICKET

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Ana, I have responded to your support ticket. Please check your email for further information.

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