Please restore the option to edit posts.

  • I can no longer edit my own posts for spelling, clarity or updated information. I now only have the option to delete them.

    Unless the edit option was being abused in some way, please bring it back!

    (I also cannot paste text into my posts (message field) on this website although I can copy and paste into the title field or the link fields or any text fields on virtually any other website.)

  • Sometimes we lock topics if we suggest that opening a support ticket is the best method to get an issue resolved. Are you able to edit the post here?

  • Hi Matthew,

    As of approximately 2-3 days ago, I can no longer see the option to edit any of my replies. Where there used to be an edit or delete option, now I only see the trash can icon to delete the reply. I also can no longer see the "edit this topic" button (which used to appear at the top of the thread) to edit threads that I create.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  •  screenshots:

  • I just logged into the site on another computer and can confirm the same result. I am using firefox 35.0 on both machines.


  • Hi Mike,

    Nothing has changed from our end, I have logged a ticket with Freshdesk, the hosts of our forum, to enquire why this might have happened. We will reinstate the ability for users to edit their forum posts if it is possible.

  • Thanks Matthew!


  • I have received the following from Freshdesk:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for writing to Freshdesk.

    The edit button was disabled in forums from this week and this change is made to the product to reduce spam. I'm afraid, The edit button is not going to be available for now. 


    However, The delete option should be available, So they can delete the post and post again if needed.

    Hope this helps.

  • yuck. Oh well....


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