How to insert a video file

  • Hi,

    I couldn't find an option to insert a video file of any format to VideoScribe. Is there any possibility to do that?

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  • Hi Senad,

    You cannot insert Videos into VideoScribe but you can import Animated GIFs using version 2.1.

  • Hi Joe,

    A GIF file wouldn't be really the right thing in my case so I might put this in Ideas and feature requests to consider. Thanks anyway!

  • Although I haven't done it yet (still working on my first Scribe,) and I'm actually not planning on inserting any video, but the workflow I'm considering would allow you to insert videos, assuming you have After Effects, or other video editing programs.

    Depending on the complexity of what you're planning, you could probably even use Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie.

    Essentially I'm planning on exporting the scribe, then importing it into After Effects to tweak.
    Could serve as a temp solution for you in the mean time.
  • Seems to be a proper solution indeed. However I am not sure if any of those video editing programs can run a .svg file.
  • You shouldn't need to.  You export the finished scribe, minus the video you want to insert, from Videoscribe as an .mov file.  Import that into your video editing software, and have at it.

  • I don't know if this is a dumb question- but if using it in After Effects, should it be at 25 frames or 29 frames?

  • Liz Rathke, it would depend entirely on what you want, or need, your final video's frame rate to be.  This is often determined by client requests, or final distribution medium.

    I'm guessing, as you're referencing 25 and 29 FPS, that you're not in North America, yes?  In North America, the common frame rates are 24 (23.976 for digital) and 30 (29.97.)  However, if you're not going to  broadcast, and this will be an online video, then, unless you've got another reason like client demands, or project related restrictions, it's really up to you which Frame Rate you use.  There are artistic arguments for different rates as well, if you are looking for that "film" look, etc, but generally speaking, it's really 6 to one, half dozen the other.

    Either way, After Effects' compositions can be set to pretty much any frame rate.

  • Does anyone have a solution to inserting a video. I have a few clips which are answers to questions and really want to integrate these clips with the questions and create an entire video ...

  •  Paula, I would advise using a separate video editing program to edit in other clips.

  • I would recommend using vsdc and adding the video clip you need to the timeline. That way ya get the best of both worlds :)

  • Espero por uma atualização com a possibilidade de inserir vídeos. Isso é muito importante em um trabalho profissional

  • Hi Video Scribe Team,

    please add multi layer option in software so we can make lots of videos that need multi layers.. Please do something regarding this.

  • Hi there,

    Please can you add your request to the Ideas and Feature request section.

    This will allow the development team to review them and other users to vote up the request.

  • Hi! I really Loved your product "Videoscribe",it's awesome! however I don't think that I will renew my subscription due to I cannot insert video format and I have problem with Arabic font it is not working because Arabic is Right to Left and also letters on video scribe comes separated for example when I write باب  it comes like that ب ا ب which is wrong...

    I'll renew my subscription when you fix the Arabic Font

    Thank you and appreciate your great efforts  

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