How to insert a video file

  • Hi,

    This may or may not be an adequate solution for you, but until videoscribe can handle Arabic natively, here is how you can make Arabic text "draw" correctly:

    Can I make other fonts "draw" well? (place your text in an SVG)

    essentially you just:
    1) paste your text into inkscape or illustrator looking the way you want it to look,
    2) convert it to outlines
    3) draw squiggly line over the top of it to give the videoscribe hand a path to follow
    4) save it as an SVG (more detailed explanation at the link)

    Hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I use arabic fonts with inkscape. Before saving your text, choose 'object to path' from menu in Inkscape, then save as svg. You can then import your arabic text into videoscribe

  • Hi Mike and Ismail,

    Thank you so much for your appreciated efforts and support :)

  • You're welcome. Here is a newer version of the link I provided before:

    Make Any Font, Text or Equation Draw Well (2017)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • It would be great if you could record voiceover scene by scene so you could re-do just one scene rather than the whole scribe voiceover again, or dealing with another piece of software.

    Adding a video into a scribe would also be fantastic.

  • Are there any plans to include features that allow users to add mp4 type videos to  presentations?

  • There are not any plans at this time to implement the ability to import video into VideoScribe. You can use video editing software to combine scribe videos with other videos.

  • When you plan to add the option to import Video Files ?

  • Please read the reply immediately above your reply. That question has been answered.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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