creating svg files

  • I've imported a jpg photo into inkscape and saved it as an svg file.  When I bring it into videoscribe, it doesn't allow the image to be drawn, it just shows up as a picture.  Any advice how to convert it to a file type that will draw.  I've done it before, but can't remember how to do it again.

  • Or you could import it straight into VideoScribe as a jpg and select one of the draw options presented by the software.

  • Haha Whoops! yes of course. The easiest method is to do what Matthew wrote, and see if you like the results. That's for version 2 of videoscribe, and version 1.3.26 has slightly different import/draw settings.

    -Mike (somewhat forgetful user)


  • just my 2 cents

    I'm pretty much a new-be but therefore looking around for what is the best process to generate proper SVG files. I found this here is being very helpful in contrast to Adobe Illustrator :-)

    it is free, is very easy, and it comes up with the SVG codes you can paste into any notepad.


    My Digital Footprint

  • Looks pretty good, thanks. Inkscape is another capable free SVG editor.

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