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  • Hello I have created a scribe on my android app and im trying to upload to youtube. Its giving me the error message of not being logged in, the numerous times ive tried again. I see that this has been a recurring problem for users. Is it possible at all to fix?
  • You will not be able to upload directly to YouTube from the app if you have 2-step verification on in your YouTube account.

  • Thanks. But I dont know how to change that setting. Any suggestions? Because the error message I'm getting when trying to upload seems as though the app is not even recognizing my youtube account. Keeps saying to check it and try again.
  • My 2 step verification is off
  • Hi Shan, Sorry you have this issue.

    Can you advise if you have a Youtube channel profile set up?

    Log into your YouTube account 

    Select ‘My channel’

    Complete the profile set up

    If you have done this, please ensure you're  connected to the internet via a good Wi-Fi connection.

    Create a new scribe with a single image and retry the upload.

    Do you still have the problem with this upload?

  • Still doesn't work
  • Sorry you continue to have this issue.

    I have tested this on an Android here and have been able to render and publish Videos to Youtube.

    When uploading, you need to ensure that you have an active Youtube Channel profile and that you're signing in with the registered email address as the username and the password you use to sign in.

    I rendered your scribe and when attempting to upload VideoScribe crashes, suggesting that there is not enough memory to process the upload.

    Memory can very from device to device so this may be the possible reason why you and I cannot upload this particular scribe.

    Do you have issues rendered to Dropbox and Facebook too?

    We have recently made a decision to remove the application from

    Play store and are currently working on a new version of the application.

    So at present if you're still having this issue, we apologise that we have no further advice than the suggestions we have given previously.

    Here is a post regarding this - VideoScribe Mobile.

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