Syncing audio to the visuals

  • Hi Chandra-the syncing issue has been resolved in version 3.4. You are commenting on an old post. 

    Please update VideoScribe to version 3.4.

    If you have any further issues, raise a ticket with our support team so we can further assist. 

  • I already have the same version. I am looking for a timeline for audio and video both rather than manually adjusting all the elements as per the audio by playing it over and over and over and over again.

    A timeline would let me use markers to help in placing the video elements at the correct time.

    So, now can you help me?

  •  Did you raise a support ticket as instructed? It seems like you need some one-on-one customer support.

  • You can either record directly into VideoScribe or import your own MP3. 

    When you record directly into VideoScribe,  you can choose to play your scribe whilst you record. You can't edit your audio track if you're recording directly into VideoScribe and there isn't a separate timeline for the audio track.

    Might be worth using a third party application to record your audio, such as Audacity, so you can go back into the track and edit it accordingly. 

  •  Hey, I am a video editor and depend on sparkol for whiteboard animation. I am facing the worst problem is when I play from the current position the voice over play from a different place and when I play altogether from the first frame voice over play properly as I designed. The problem is, to match the voice over with elements I have to play from the start each time! and this is terrible. Is there any better way to accomplish this? If play from the current position coming properly, I would be great relief.

  •  I am using latest version of sparkol. I think everything is ok here apart from the voice over syncing with elements.

  • If you save your work online and raise a support ticket, they could take a closer look at your problem. Or if you export your project as a .scribe file and attach it here, other users could take a look at it and maybe identify a solution.

    Mike (videoscribe user)

  •  Yes I raised a support ticket and waiting...

  •  I am using the new version of sparkol videoscribe and facing the same problem which mentioned above

  • I was able to fix this via this thread and others: 

    I followed Peggy's advice and re-uploaded my MP3 at 44100 hz. I also made sure that absolutely no timings were set to 0 sec. I seem to have resolved my issue (that I was still experiencing in v3.6.1169!). I don't think the audio fixed it by itself (though buried somewhere is the guidance to upload audio at a high sample rate), but making sure no timings = 0 seconds worked apparently.

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