Feature Request: Object Fade In/Out

  • Explaindio is of course a good tool for animations, but it works different with a complete other stile.

    What VideoScribe really can do best, is to simulate speedpainting with self created svg-illustrations - if you want even with animated images of your own hand and pencil. The special strength of VideoScribe (and the author/Illustrator using it)  is to reduce complex content to conclusive images with some spoken words or music - not more! Anything more is counterproductively for the message you want to transport. From this point of view, Explaindo is good for varicoloured Animations with lots of effects, but - as we know - LESS IS MORE. And for that destination, VideoScribe is almost* perfect. I´m an Illustrator, started with real filmed speed drawings and finally found VideoScribe.

    *Almost, because: We NEED some more really "small" but important addons. First of all TWO audio Tracks (better three, but let´s go step by step) - one for speech and one for Music with separate volume adjustments for every frame. Then we NEED fade effects as requested for so long time. And - last but not least - cut the price to the half. Then i´m Sparkol´s Customer again...

  • *** NEWS FLASH ***

    It is my great pleasure to bring you some good news on one of our most popular feature requests!

    Fade-In is officially in active development and providing all goes well through testing it is scheduled for our next software release (v3.0.7). 

    Fade-out is not included in this, at the moment we do not have any erase or move-out actions in the application at the moment so this is a much larger piece of work. 

    Currently, you would erase an image by adding the blank 'scribble' image over the top of the image(s) you want to remove. This would have the new Fade-In option available so theoretically provide you with a faded return to a blank canvas and replicate a fade-out effect. We're very close to having the first testing branch of the feature available to see how that works in practice rather than theory and I will keep you updated with progress over the coming weeks.

  • Eeeekkkkk! Just got my hands on the first build of VideoScribe with Fade In. This will now enter testing to make sure there are no issues with it but couldn't resist giving you guys a preview of what you can look forward to.


  • Thanks Barry!

    The opacity change is a bit inconsistent and jerky, the same as it is when I try to manually fade something in using multiple copies.

    Are the programmers able to output the opacity percentages assigned to each frame of the fade in, to see if it follows a smooth progression like 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%?

    Because it seems to be more like 0% 5% 5% 10% 20% 25% (for example)

    Looks like you are not getting a consistent change in opacity for each frame that is rendered, possibly due to some variables (animation time or others) being rounded up or down to the nearest single decimal place.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • Thanks Mike, I'll feed that back into the development team

  • So I have spoken to the development team and what you have you suggested is how it works. The preview is on 25fps so if you have a 2 second animated time it will fade 2% a frame, or a 1 second animated time would be 4% a frame. I have quickly rendered a fade-in/fade-out to a PNG image sequence (attached) and viewed the frames side by side and it looks really smooth so it appears it's a trick of the eye and the 'common sense' approach may not be the best one.

    To give you another example we are actually adding a new move-in option that we have been working on for a while this release as well. 'Smooth in' was a completely uniform movement but we have had customers saying it seems to slow at the end and the hand holds on screen. So we have amended the algorithm to make it look smoother and then added a new method called 'uniform' which is basically the old 'smooth in'.

    So providing nothing comes up in testing (which is approaching completion) we will release it as it is for now in the interest of getting a working fade option out to the community. It's clearly wanted and you've been waiting a while. Then we can monitor the feedback and see examples of it being used on different projects and tweak the algorithm based on more data.

  • Thanks Barry and please thank the development team too. I ran some tests (using other programs) which seem to support what you explained. I think you'll be getting a lot of happy feedback about these new features.


  • Thanks Mike, we're really pleased to be crossing this one off the backlog and fingers crossed the good people still watching this forum patiently will like it. 

    Just a slight correction from the developers on my comments above, seems I misunderstood the conversation slightly... The old 'Smooth In' effect did slow down a little as the element reached the final position. However, at longer animate times it slowed down too much. So the new 'Smooth' effect adjusts the timing so that it doesn't slow down too much anymore. It did need an algorithm though to make it look smooth which was kinda my point... The new 'Uniform' effect is totally new. Not really relevant to the fact that it is an even fade but still thought it was worth correcting myself.

    In other news, v3.0.7 has passed testing. Huzzah!

    We are expecting it to be downloadable today and if anyone here would like to give it a try but is no longer a paying customer as it's been a few years then please just post below. I will happily give you a fresh 7 days of free-trial so you can take a look. 

  • v3.0.7 of VideoScribe is LIVE and this feature request has now been implemented... Enjoy!


  • A little bit more good news... while using the scribble out to fade is a great option we want to start adding more formal options for removing elements from the canvas and we are planning to start with Fade out. 

    We have ambitious plans for v3.1 and we are hoping that we will be able to get this in that release. Early days and no guarantees but we are actively working on this.

  • Thats Good News. We use fade in a lot since it has been added. It’s now possible to add an image to the canvas with use of a hand instead of drawing with a pen. But another great feature would be the opposite, to remove an image from the canvas. Technically not very difficult I presume.
  • Hi John,
    Barry just posted in another thread that the move feature is currently in development:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike, Thanks for this update. Didn’t knew that thread. I appreciate for letting me know. Regards, John