Kerning / Letter Spacing Issue

  • In the beginning of time when VideoScribe 1.0 was released (2013), Sparkol hosted a home-grown forum system. It was replaced by this forum a year or so later, and those posts are long lost. But those of us with long memories remember that even that far back the kerning issue was among the most requested bug fixes

    Moving forward to the current forums, this thread dates all the way back to February 2015, and it is not the only kerning thread. Just search for Kerning or Spacing and you'll get threads with many hundreds of posts. Just a sampling from the last 3 years:

    Just scroll to the second post of this thread to get Sparkol's response directly from Matthew Cook:


    Matthew Cook

    On Tue, 24 Feb, 2015 at 9:40 AMADMIN


    Thanks Michael,

    This is something that our development team have on the radar but I am not sure that it is one of the top priorities at the moment. I have asked the dev team for an update on the development status of this feature and will report back when I get a response.



  • And here's a comment from 14 months ago from Barry Radford:

    Barry Radford

    On Mon, 21 Nov, 2016 at 5:01 PMADMIN

    You can import the bold/italic versions of fonts into VideoScribe and use those. They would need to be separate text windows for each font change but you can switch between them. If you set the pause and transition times to 0 to the hand will just carry on smoothly between the boxes.

    As for the progress on this request we do agree that it needs addressing. As you may have seen from a couple of the other most popular feature requests we are looking to completely redesign and rebuild VideoScribe. I was in a meeting last week where we shared analysis of the biggest pain points and feature requests with the product team so they can resolve as many as possible in this process. Kerning and font control in general was of course amongst the issue raised.

    In the meantime don't forget to like the original post to vote for Kerning as a feature so we can really tell how many people feel this is important to them.

  • Font kerning has not yet been implemented in VideoScribe but we have produced a new help article entitled Font Kerning which describes the types of fonts that are best for use in VideoScribe and a tip for how to get fonts that don't display well to look better.

  • The newest version of VideoScribe, 3.6, has been released with a new Google font system. Kerning has now been fixed in this version :) 

    See the release notes for version 3.6 here.