I can't select more than 1 item in the timeline

  • Sorry Mike, I didn't see you were a user. I thought you were from the Sparkrol team :D


  • If you have this issue where you cannot select multiple items, please restart VideoScribe and see if the problem persists. If it does, please create a new scribe, add a couple of images and see if the problem still happens. If it does not, please save the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon), open a support ticket and let us know the name of the scribe in the ticket, we can then take a look.

  •  Hi Matthew. I can't connect to my online directory. My internet connection is fine (I'm writing this message right now) but it says otherwise (it was fine yesterday though).

    Man, I just bought your product yesterday for more than 500€ and it doesn't work. Am I showing up at a wrong time or is it usual business with this software ? :D

    Would it be possible to get an older version with all the new hands and drawings in it just to wait until the current version is debugged ?

    Thanks ;)

  • Hi again Matthew,

    I installed version 2.0.3 (the previous one) and it works fine now. I can move things around and select multiples items. No problem.

     So I don't know what going on with 2.1.1 but it's faulty. The new hands are very nice though ;)


  • Just an FYI to the developers:

    I am having the same issue - unable to select multiple elements with either the CTRL key or the SHIFT key.  I downloaded & installed the current version Sunday and currently have 4 days 18 hours left on my 7-day free trial.

    So far, I have not been able to complete a slide show with only six slides - mostly problems of "camera focus" and positioning.  But the selection problem is clearly a serious bug and it leads me to wonder if other issues I am have are due to more than just inexperience.  (I have watched all of the demo videos - twice)

    I will try removing the installed version and installing the earlier version.  Hopefully, that will help ---

  • I removed the installed version from my computer, then downloaded and installed Version 2.0.3.  I am able to select multiple items now.


  • The same problem with 2.3.5 on Mac. Multi-select worked in teh beginning, now it doesn't. Might be a svg-problem or whatever, but definitely a bug in viedeoscribe.


  • If you are seeing a similar problem now, more than a year since this thread was started, it is probably related to one or more problematic SVGs in your scribe, or other issues causing excessive memory use.

    save your scribe to the cloud folder and tell support the name of it if you want support to look at it.

    save your project as a .scribe file and attach it here if you want the community to look at it.

    related threads:
     multi select, copy/paste or various other functions stop working due to problematic SVG
    issues that can cause a variety of memory-related problems

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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