i can't run the program

  •  please help me,,

    the program can't log in with my email adress

  • Do you get any error messages?

    Are you using the correct login details?

    Has the free trial been used on that computer before with a different account?

  • I paid the amount but , the program is not working ??

    When I log in to my account , it was written that I have not joined the program . 

    Despite the arrival of a letter and a bill on the e-mail confirming that the amount has been paid.

    Will the problem be fixed? Or please return the amount.

  • Did you receive an emailed invoice from VideoScribe? 

    If so, are you using the correct email to login? If you set a separate billing email from your account email, make sure you're using the account email. 

    If you didn't get an invoice, your purchase was most likely unsuccessful. You can always raise a support ticket for further assistance. 

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