Keyboard functions

  •  It would be great to have common keyboard functions like copy/paste, grouping, use of arrow keys, zoom, etc.


  • Hi Heather,

    The keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

    For Windows PC:

    ctrl+a - select all elements

    ctrl+c - copy

    ctrl+v - paste

    ctrl+p - preview scribe

    ctrl+z - undo*

    ctrl+y - redo*

    ctrl+x - cut

    ctrl+s - save

    For Mac:

    cmd+a - select all elements

    cmd+c - copy

    cmd+v - paste

    cmd+p - preview scribe

    cmd+z - undo*

    cmd+y - redo*

    cmd+x - cut

    cmd+s - save

    Arrow keys - if an element is selected will move that element if not will move canvas

    delete - delete element

    *Undo and redo only affect rotate, resize and move.

  • I found by mistake a three button combination that allowed me to move text and images in much smaller steps than by using the arrow keys. I used this in an attempt to accurately align separate blocks of text as there is no left/right/up/down alignment procedure to my knowledge. However, I cannot now recall how I did it, maybe it does not work on my new laptop but that seems very unlikely. 

  • I am not aware of a key combination to reduce the speed of the image movement when using the arrow keys. Shift makes it go quicker.

  • I also have not come across any key combination that makes it move smaller distances.

    However, I believe that the arrow key move distance does not scale with zooming so...
    you can zoom in (temporarily) to higher zoom percentages for finer adjustments to the positions of your images, then zoom back out to continue working on your scribe.

    -Mike (vidoescribe user)


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