Fonts are handled poorly

  • First of all, working with fonts is, well, to be polite, quite uncomfortable. Needs to be re-thought totally. One of the things is that list of IMPORTED fonts should be shown up when we click that F icon, then list of AVAILABLE fonts (that are not imported) should be shown only after we click Add More icon on that "Imported fonts" window. When we design we have lots of fonts in the system that are not pluged in into Scribe, but since both are on the same list, it takes forever to load up that list. Another thing is - if I import more then three screens of fonts into Scribe - it starts behaving poorly - design software just must be able to work with fonts good. But actually I am writing to you about a real bug in fonts handling. To save thousand words, see this screenshot - I've pointed out that fancy fonts when imported are shown in such a way that those are becoming useless... Screenshot is here:
  • Hi Victor,

    Thanks for the feedback. We are aware that the font import function needs improvement and our development team are working on this. We are looking to change the way that fonts are imported so that certain fonts, as in your screenshot, do not get cut off in any way.

    A possible workaround until the fix is implemented is to create the text as an SVG image.

    Import text as an image file using the steps below.

    Type the text you want to import into a writing programme

    Copy the text

    Open Inkscape (free image-editing software)

    Select the type character in the sidebar (‘A’) and paste your text into Inkscape

    Select ‘Path’ from the menu above and then ‘Object to path’– this will convert your text into an SVG image 

    Go to ‘File’, ‘Save as’ and save the text image to your computer

    Open your VideoScribe project and click ‘Add image’

    Find your text image and select ‘Use image’

    Edit the draw time as necessary

    The outline will draw before the image is filled but you will still be able to read the text as it is being drawn and it will become clearer at the end.

  • Sorry guys for being blunt, but the @workaround answer (that you simply copypast all over this forum) would be good for freebee software, not the one that bills us money monthly or costs half a K to buy at once... The workaround takes extra hours to handle the simple task, thus we are expected to pay money AND TIME for the flaw in commercial software.


  • Hi Victor, 

    Thanks for your response.

    We do offer the font feature for you to try in the trial Free of charge.

    Sorry that your not happy with Matt's response. I do believe he was being general if you would like an alternative way to import fonts.

    Currently this is how the font import works on both the Free trial and the Pro version.

    To import a font, you select the 'T' Icon and then press the 'F' icon.

    You will now see a list of fonts, the ones marked Blue are fonts that have been imported into VideoScribe.

    The ones that are white are Fonts that are installed on the computer you're using but have not been imported into VideoScribe. You have the option to import these fonts.

    VideoScribe will allow you to install these fonts.

    You may find that you can only install the main font from a font family (e.g. Bold, Italic etc), As the font Name on the font install dialogue are exactly the same, there is currently no way to differentiate these in VideoScribe.

    VideoScribe imports fonts exactly the same way so depending on how the font is created you may find some do not work and you need to find an alternative.

    We do not guarantee all fonts will work in VideoScribe.

    We have made some optimisations to the font import in version 2.1.2. I would suggest deleting any fonts that you imported in earlier versions and then retry importing them after installing the latest version of VideoScribe.

    Apologies if you find that VideoScribe does start to slow down when you have a large amount of fonts imported.

    As VideoScribe loads all imported fonts so they are ready for use, the more you have, the more memory within VideoScribe it will use up.

    As Matt has mentioned previously, we are looking to improve the font import process.

    In the meantime, I would suggest removing ones you do not need any more.

  • For example If i am using  Comic Sans Ms font and writing the text "The gulf war".

    But when it is playing it is like "T e gu f war"

    But when i am using basic font it is coming in all font colours,

    Help me

  • Without seeing the scribe file it is hard to be sure but this sounds to me like the font installation you have for Comic Sans is either missing some characters or did not import properly into VideoScribe.

    I would recommend deleting the font from VideoScribe and re-importing it to see if that improves things.  

    I have just created a new project and put that text in Comic Sans MS and it worked fine.

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