is there an Android app?

  • If you want an android app, be sure to read the first post in this feature request thread and LIKE it:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • NOTE: a new post has been made in the following thread on August 28, 2018:

    QUOTE:"We are working on a new VideoScribe app that will be usable on Android devices but I cannot say at this time when that will be available."

  • Yes
  • I wanted to get this app on my android phone . Please help me .
  • The android app was discontinued. You cannot use it any more. Please read the other replies in this thread for more information.

  • Yesss
  • I saw VideoScribe on Amazon's store... so it must be one that is quite some time ago?  So use the iPad one?

  • There is a sister application for iOS devices, iPads and iPhones called VideoScribe Anywhere that you can purchase.

    There is no application available for Android devices.

    As per the the Android Help Article:

    'There are a number of websites offering illegitimate Android/APK downloads of VideoScribe. These applications are not genuine, will not work and may contain viruses or malware. We would recommend you do not install this type of software and where we discover them we start proceedings to close them down.'

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