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Font Option no longer available

Ever since I updated my version of VideoScribe I do not have the option to change font? Please help

1) click the T to add text,
2) By default, in the current version, there is only one font (BASIC) installed. The plus and minus icons will not do anything when there is only one font available.
3) click the F to import fonts from your computer
4) then use the - and + icons to cycle through the available fonts.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I don't have that option anymore.

I apologize for the sideways picture.

Are you on an ipad? I think they removed a bunch of features from the latest ipad version

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Yes, the iPad version (VideoScribe Anywhere) does not have the functionality to change fonts.

Please read more about VideoScribe Anywhere on our Blog:

VideoScribe Anywhere app makes iPad scribing easier than ever

We have made a number of changes to VideoScribe for the iPad including changes to and removal of many of the previous features.

Our main focus is to ensure that VideoScribe Anywhere is simple, stable and easier to get to grips with than the previous versions.

Many of the features that are still available on the desktop version and previous VideoScribe apps have been removed from VideoScribe Anywhere.


VideoScribe Anywhere allows the creation of quick and simple scribes on the go and addresses many of the stability issues users of the previous version experienced.

VideoScribe Anywhere will allow you to add images and text, set the draw times for images and text, select their order in the timeline, record voice-overs or import them via URL, add soundtracks or import them via URL, import images from the camera roll or via URL and render to your camera roll (via in App purchase).

The reason font choice has been removed is to force you to buy the desktop version. A choice of fonts does not make "VideoScribe Anywhere" easier to use or less complicated. I can’t believe for one minute that users of "VideoScribe Anywhere" would request features to be removed to make it easier to use. Only one font choice simply Restricts an application, taking a step backwards in Developement. 'VideoScribe Anywhere" is just a teaser to get people hooked and believe you me, I am hooked. It’s a fantastic bit of kit. A bit like a free months trial. I mean why would you provide an app for a couple of quid that a £16 a month software package can do? Clever Marketing. It’s just a shame that this excellent resource is over shadowed by the business I am a little weary about. I run a business where we sell one item for between £65k and £150k. We are very successful, because we are honest with our customers. So the only reason I am reluctant to subscribe to "VideoScribe" is because I'm really not sure we are being told the truth about why features were pulled from the iPad version.

Mark, I can see your logic and I understand your skepticism.

When we had all the features of VideoScribe on the iOS app it had a shed load of problems and ultimately just didn't work very well. VideoScribe Desktop struggles with scribes that use a large number of fonts as the full character sets from each are loaded into RAM to be accessed. So if your try that on a phone or tablet then the problems happen sooner. So we stripped the product back to basics and since doing that it is reliable and still allows you to create something engaging. 

We have also just released VideoScribe Now which is a completely free app as well and is based around a quick create interface which uses keywords to find images for you. Again less options and free so we are trying to give our customers choice on what works for them and what they can afford.

So there were genuine customer focused reasons for the changes and to be honest for $4.99 to unlock video rendering for life you are not getting a bad deal for the price. It's no different to say Adobe Photoshop Express really, a watered down mobile application which allows you to do the basics reliably on the cheap. 

Obviously we are a business as well and we then have the full product at a higher subscription price for those professionals and amateur enthusiasts who want more options and flexibility but even those prices are falling and we took $56.00 off the yearly subscription late last year. We try to look at our business decisions from all angles really and while finances play their part we are more interested in helping as many people as possible engage their audience in a different way.

Hi Barry Thanks so much for your more detailed explanation, it really does mean a great deal. I fully appreciate you are a business and without financial income you wouldn't have a business. I also appreciate you're more in depth explanation with regards to the use of a large number of fonts on one slide slowing the app down. This makes perfect sense. However my thought process of font choice was to use one font on a slide rather than an untidy jumble of various fonts. I appreciate that no one can police how many fonts one uses on one slide, so I appreciate your explanation on this subject. I have to admit - your reaction to my previous post has converted me. I suppose I jumped to conclusions after reading your previous post, which wasn't quite as in depth. I sincerely apologies if I have offended you in any way. I am currently trying to persuade the company I work for to subscribe to "VideoScribe" online and now feel confident that this is the right move. Your pricing is very fare and at no point did I mean to question this. I look forward to using "VideoScribe" in the future and now feel confident that your support will provide a professional and trustworthy service. Mark

No offence caused and I didn't for a moment think you were trying to cause any either. This is a public forum and we have one of those as we want our customers to be able to express their opinions. As I said given the content of the forum I completely understand you thoughts and that's why I tried to explain further. 

Take your point on fonts and maybe a limit of one per scribe would be better than just one option all together. If you think that would be a much better option then you could raise it on the Ideas forum and if it's popular with others we'll certainly look at it. 

But font limitations are not the only differences and we have stripped back all sorts of things. Less hands, no premium images, no HD and so on. All decision that were either to optimise performance or make this product a lot less complicated to work. You can Compare VideoScribe licence features if you would like the full list of differences.

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