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  • i am really mad , at first i paid 5,99 $  the app and then asked for 4.99 then i paid and when i opened it i could't do anything like the old app , then i downloaded the app on my laptop as a free trial and when i finished my work it says that i can't save it unless i bought it and i don't have a visa or a paypal or anything and no one can give me their crdit card what should i do i have a big project on monday i finished all ny work but now i am going to fail because of this problem please i need help what should i do can't this company make an exeption just untiol monday so i can complete my project what should i do i am really sad this project is killing me help me please , i really hate my stupid luck 

  •  I think that support usually works Monday through Friday during UK business hours.

  • thank you so much mike for replying but unfortunately I live in Kuwait not UK and my project on Monday sotime , I don't have any other solution  

  • Hi Angel,

    Sorry that you have had this problem with publishing your scribe - if you are using the free trial account on a desktop computer you can publish directly to Youtube, Facebook or as a PowerPoint file by clicking on the publish icon in the top right of the screen and selecting the option you want to use. If this is not working for you please contact our support team.

    Also we're really sorry that you experienced issues with using the ipad app - if you need to raise this further you can email and they will be able to look into this for you.

  •  NEWS!

    It looks like you will soon be able to revert the previous version of the APP:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I experienced the same, i.e. buying the required $4.99. I even did it twice. I found myself with the same trial app. Also, your ad at the App store said i could pay $4.99 for unlimited download of my videoscribe work to camera roll. But i could not find that option so I can buy at any of your website (see attached file)
    (244 KB)
  • I believe that the current version of the app for iPad (Videoscribe Anywhere) is free. The in-app purchase allows you to render videos to your camera roll.

    If you are having trouble, describe EXACTLY what steps you are trying, what you expect the results to be and what is actually happening.

    check your credit card online or by phone to confirm that the payment was completed successfully.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Manual,

    If you have already paid there is also a restore purchases button available during the payment process which will check with your iTunes account and re-sync any purchases made.



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