trial ends tomorrow - I just bought the Pro - when will it activate?

  • I am creating a project for school.  My trial ends tomorrow, so I just put in my credit card info to buy the Pro.  My question is, when will I get the Pro advantages?  I need to upload the project to my desktop as soon as possible!!  Please help!!  Thank you

  • Some members have reported a delay of several hours before their initial payment was completed. Others seem to be processed immediately.

    Be sure to close and restart videoscribe, because your account status is probably "set" at the moment you log in.

    If you created more than one account, make sure you upgraded the correct one.

    Click the "your account" link at the bottom of this page to check your account status

    RAISE A SUPPORT TICKET if you continue to have trouble.

    Hope that helps,
  • New and returning members will be using our new payment platform which does not have any delay between the payment being accepted and the VideoScribe account being upgraded to Pro.

    If you have VideoScribe running when you upgrade you will need to close it down and open it again in order for the upgrade to be recognised.

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