Video Scribe as a money maker and my edting Rant

  • I'm sure there are many of us who use Video Scribe to make some extra dollars.

    I'm still using 1.3.26. 99.9% of my clients want me to sync a voice over and 1.3.26 is the best version for that. The newer version interface makes the job of syncing more complex and more steps involved and it never seems to sync properly.

    No matter what version of Video Scribe I have used over the years, it is still one of the most painful software I have ever used for editing. I'm not talking about simple edits like changing a word or a few images, but when you need to make scene changes that involve moving, changing, syncing, etc -- it can be done, but it is one of the most stressful aspects of Video Scribe.  But if you are using Video Scribe for making money, you either do it or refund them.

    Version after version I hope that the Sparkol folks would address their interface issues. I know they made changes, but in my opinion for the worse, not better. From browsing the remarks from Sparkol folks I think the interface changes had more to do with VS memory issues and constant crashes than it did with making editing a viable function of Video Scribe.

    If the folks at Sparkol can't do a good job at making a decent interface than at least make it so Video Scribe can be exported so it can be edited by a 3rd party video editing software.

    Ok...rant over.

    My question is for those who have used both 1.3.26 v.s. the newer versions of V.S. Do you find the newer interface (not sure what version sparkol started to use the new interface) easier or more difficult when you have complex editing?  If you say the newer version makes editing easier can you please elaborate how.


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