Darker Colour For Buttons That Are Selected

  • Hi there:

    This is a really simple suggestion; could you please darken the colour that displays when a button is selected? Right now it is a pale blue, and maybe I am getting old, but sometimes I can't tell if it is selected or not. Could you make it a wee bit darker so it is obvious at a glance that the button has been selected?

    Thank you,


  • Thanks for your feedback Alison.

    The colours used in VideoScribe are aligned and matched with our branding colours.

    I will add this as a request to see if it is something we would consider as it is affecting your usability.

  • Just an update for you. We agree that it wasn't that clear and as it's such a simple thing to do we have implemented this. From v2.3.3 (which was released yesterday these will be a few shades darker

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