Desperate for Help !!!! MISSING SCRIBES

  •  I posted this same question over 4 hours ago and told a ticket was raised and the question was closed, I have still not had an email !!! I am working on a Scribe and have spent hours on this and save it at regular intervals to the base folder. I had to log out of Scribe and return as it had 'slowed'. There now is not one scribe there !!!! Where are they ?????? I have read all the previous answers and yes I am using same PC and nothing has changed with the way I am working with Scribe , yet ALL my work is missing .

    PLEASE can someone tell me where / how to get all my work back

    Thank you

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  • This afternoon I was unable to save my scribe and so I closed it and restarted my computer. Now the scribe has reverted to way before my previous save, about 6 hours of work...missing.

  • Hi Paul, sorry for the delay, I have responded to your support ticket.

    Giulia, and anyone else with a similar issue, please submit a support ticket including as much detail as possible, and we will look into this for you.