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settings icon to adjust text leading

I was searching for information on how to adjust leading and kerning of imported fonts and I found a response  from Joe Clarke  saying "Once you have imported the font, go to the settings icon on the canvas, Manage fonts, select the font you wish to edit and then press Edit:" 

I have no settings icon on my canvas. I'm on a Mac using ver 2.2.4, Am I missing something? 

That post was from a year ago and referred to version 1 of videoscribe.

(link to previous post: )

I don't believe there is any setting in videoscribe V2 for leading. Spacing between words is also no longer available. There is only tracking (gap), alignment, rotation, color and backwards writing.

In V2:

1) select the text element
2) click the text properties icon beside the thumbnail image for the text element in the timeline (the icon looks like a sheet of lined paper). That will bring up the Text properties menu:

The gap setting will adjust the distance between letters (tracking), however letter spacing is somewhat irregular in videoscribe V2 with some fonts being better than others. monospace fonts tend to be best in my experience.

If you want to adjust leading, I believe you have to make each line of text an individual element and position them manually (or make SVG images out of your text, which requires some trickery and understanding of inkscape or illustrator).

 -Mike (videoscribe user)

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