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  • hi, i bought a svg image from "James Group Studios". i need to edit it, but the option "export to svg" is blocked.   how can i edit the image?


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  • Hi Noam,

    You will not be able to export images purchased from Community Exchange.

    They can be used in your scribe projects but cannot be used outside of the software.

  • Hi Joe, 

    I just bought a few images, not realising that now you cannot export the images in order to edit them. I can understand that you do not want them to used elsewhere and only in Videoscribe, but it is extremely restrictive for the user, as more ofter or not the image does not exactly fit exactly with what is required. 

    Ie. i purchased a sofa, with a price tag on it, i wanted to change the wording on the tag to something different and i cant, which means now the image is not suitable. 

  • With regards these premium images they are not owned by Sparkol but are actually sold by private illustrators through the application. The illustrator sets the price and keeps all intellectual property rights to the images so as they have the IPR you cannot edit their work. You can find our more about this at https://contribute.sparkol.com/

  • Yet another hidden restriction that VideoScribe users have to figure out on their own. I too, bought a bunch of images from the Community Exchange with the intention of making minor adjustments like I do to every other .SVG file. I found some great work by other artists and would have sit nicely in my project. Instead, I just wasted money a bunch of money on images that will never see the light of day. I want my money back!!! Here's a word of advice... Please make us users aware of this stuff before we spend our clients budget on something that is utterly useless.

  • Note to customer support: I was going to read the terms of use for community exchange, but I could not find them anywhere.

    on the following page:
    the link to the terms of use does not work:
    Read the full Sparkol Community Exchange terms and conditions

    The url points to: https://contribute.sparkol.com/terms which apparently does not exist (at the time of this reply) so it goes to https://contribute.sparkol.com/ instead

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Matt,

    Any refund requests can be submitted by raising a support ticket.

    The terms at contribute.sparkol.com/terms are for if you are uploading your own images for sale (the link seems to be working now).

    When you purchase a Community Exchange image you have to tick a box that says you accept the VideoScribe terms of service which, in section 5: Additional terms, state that:

    'By purchasing a Premium Image, you are granted the right to incorporate and use that Premium Image within any VideoScribe Project, but will not have any right to use that Premium Image in any other way'.

  • Hi Matthew,

    still redirects to the wrong page (https://contribute.sparkol.com) , at least for me (using firefox).  Anyone else?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I'm getting the terms when using Firefox and Chrome. You need to be logged into your account; you will be asked you to log in again when you click from my.sparkol.com/services.


  • OH! thanks Matthew, that must be the problem. I didn't know I needed to login to see the terms.


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