VideoScribe prevented me in shutting down Mac Book Air

  • Hi 

    After installing and running the paid for Video Scribe application on my Mac Book Air. My laptop crashed. The crash meant that I was unable to shut down either the Video Scribe application or my Mac Book Air. After many attempts I used the shell terminal for a hard shut down. Restarting my Mac was problematic and but I finally managed to uninstall the Video Scribe application but I am worried that I have somehow caused unseen damage to my hardware and am unsure if I would like to re install Video Scribe in the future. Please can you tell me if there is a previous version which you know is safe for me to use? Or if there is any thing which may have caused this issue my end. For example I may not have had enough memory for such a large application. But if this is so I can't see why shutting down and restarting would be so problematic. 


    Emma Hart 


  • Emma,

    Sorry to hear VideoScribe has caused that issue for you. Can you confirm which version of the software you were using?

    A number of our staff use the Mac Book Air as a company computer and use VideoScribe all the time and this is not something I have heard of before so doubt it's an issue with the software itself.

    Different versions of the software can be downloaded from and the latest version will be available on your my Sparkol homepage.

    I'll turn this forum post into a support ticket for you so our team can take a closer look.



    Sparkol Support Team

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