I can not login offline

  •  hai, my name is putri, I have installed trial version, but when I login at the next day,there was a sentence appear on my dekstop, "to use offline mode, you have login online in this device", although I've login online first, I couldnt login offline yet, I have enabled TLS in internet explorer too.. but I still can not login, what I must do? I have to finish my project soon. thank you

  • Hi,
    In order to login offline, you have to successfully login online WITH the "remember me" option selected on the login screen.

    Then the next time you can disable the internet access and login offline.

    (It is also possible that there is a login bug with the newest version of the software, but if that is the case, customer support will probably mention it.)

    Hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Where I can find "remember me"? Online or offline?
  • Putri, you were right to check your TLS settings that is one thing that can cause this. Here's a link to the most common causes of this error. The remember me is below the username and password when logging in.



  • Here's a screenshot of that login menu Barry mentioned:

    If you are using the app instead of the desktop software, it might be different.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I have login with remember me, but still I cant login to videoscribe..whay should I do? I have tried all the time
  • Putri, let me convert this topic to a support ticket for you so our team can investigate in more detail