no inicia el programa

  • hola 

    instale el programa de prueba. cuando  quise guarda al archivo que armé,  en mi pc no me lo permitió. quise pagar para poder guardarlo en mi pc, no me acepto la tarjeta.

    quise descargar otras pruebas gratis e instalo todo y  cuando doy dar inico al programa queda el lápiz dando vuelta como que esta buscando no se qué, y no carga nunca. 


  • Hi, 

    I can see you downloaded v2.3 and starting working on your first scribes yesterday. Looks to me like you managed to save a scribe called 'intro' locally a number of times. If you were struggling to save the file was this to somewhere else? Here's a link to our help page on saving scribes which may help.

    As for not accepting your payment were you on the site when that happened? Can you give us any more information on any errors you were getting or at what point this was failing?

    As for the other Free Trials which were you trying to install and at what point were the installs failing. Just in case you haven't already i would try saving the software downloads to your desktop first and running the installs from there if they are not successfully installing directly from the browser. 

    I would also highly recommend our tutorial videos to anyone new to VideoScribe, they are a great way to learn the product!

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