Create Your Own Templates

  • I have created a videoscribe that my client loves and I would like to 1) create multiple different versions of that same basic concept without having to start from scratch each time and 2) keep the original version as a template, as well as 3) keeping each updated future version as a new template to expand upon later.

    How do I go about these endeavors?

    Thank you for your attention and help


    Kevin P. Scanlan

    Broker/Owner, All City Real Estate


  • 1) Open a scribe.

    2) Save and close the scribe with a new name like "template".

    3) Now you should see both the original scribe and the template in your saved scribes list.

    4) Open the template and edit it and save it with a new name as many times as you want.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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