Can't export a video file!

  •  When i want to export a video file, there comes the message that i have to go pro. But i have an active membership for 2 days, and not only the trial version. So why it doesn't work?

  • customer support works UK business hours Monday through Friday. You may want to raise a support ticket to contact them directly.

    Some possibilities:
    1) be sure you close and restart videoscribe after upgrading so you can log in with your upgraded status
    2) There might be a bug with your account status  that support can figure out or
    3) maybe your payment is still pending or failed, or
    4) maybe you have more than one account and you are not logging into the upgraded one or
    5) maybe you are trying to make a video on the website instead of logging into the program.

    Good luck,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Maschra, You definitely are showing a Pro this end. Please log out of VideoScribe, check you have a strong internet connection and log back-in. VideoScribe checks your status on log-in so will pick up the change then. 

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