•  Dear sir, madam,

    I just downloaded and bought videoscrib, the trial version was perfect but i have many bugs in the the bought version.
    - it is not possible to cancel any picture, neader by the icon cut, neader by ctrl x, and even by deleting the programme and redownloading it, the images are still in and still impossible to delte.
    I really don't know what to do, it seams  to be a bug.

    Can you help me?

  • There is actually no difference between the trial version and the subscription version of the product. All that happens is that a couple of extra buttons work once you have a subscription. The software though is the same it just checks your subscription status at log-in.

    To delete an image on the canvas you can click into the properties of that icon and hit the bin icon.

    To cut and paste you can also select the item and use the copy and paste icons on the very bottom right.

    Delete, Ctrl+C, Crtl+V should all work as well but with Mac sometimes the Command key can cause this to stop working so you can always just clink on the buttons manually instead

  • Hi Stephane,

    I have also observed a bug in the some of the newer versions as you described. I think that is is triggered by certain types of SVG images. Based on my experience, if you import one or more "bad" SVG images, then:
    1) cut and paste may stop working
    2) delete may stop working
    3) multiple select of images may not work correctly
    4) images in the timeline may appear blank or show the wrong thumbnail image
    5) images may not move or resize when you try to change them
    6) other problems may occur

    I'm sure exactly what makes the SVGs "bad", but I think that it has to do with certain settings used in Illustrator CC. Recommended settings are provided in the link below.

    related thread: Copy and Paste not working

    If you save and close your scribe and then close videoscribe and then open it again, can you delete any of the last few images in your scribe, by clicking on the image and then pressing the Delete key on your keyboard? If you have images causing a problem, and you cannot delete them, you might have to start over and make a new scribe.

    If you are using SVG images that you or someone else has made in Illustrator CC, I would suggest that you open them all and re-save them using the suggested settings in the link above, and then make your scribe again. Newer versions of Inkscape MIGHT cause the same problems.

    You can save your scribe online and tell customer support the name of it if you want them to look at it for you.

    (It is possible that something else is causing your problem, but I can't tell based on the description you provided) Another possibility is that you are running out of available memory (I think videoscribe allocates a maximum of about 2.6 GB) as a result of too many large image file sizes or excessive camera zoom settings, or a variety of other possible causes: tips to avoid freezes, crashes and other bugs.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • Mike you are 100% correct. I  use images for my projects exclusively  from shutterstock. With 1.3.26 I never had any issues where images would shut down features, but with 2.x  an image can quickly cause problems.  The worse is the selection process. All video scribe bugs have a work around but it sure slows things down. I could create a scribe in 1.3.26 at least 30% faster than I can using 2.x family.

    Oh well, know more 1.3.26 so I guess I'm stuck with a new set of bugs. One thing video scribe coders have done consistently -- BUGS!


  • It's 2018 and the bugs persist.

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