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Fallo al guardar en la nube


Estoy intentado guardar el video scribe creado en la nube, pero el programa se queda pensando y luego siempre me dice que el revise mi conexión a internet, cuando esta está bien. Como puedo solucionarlo??

I can see you have managed to save one project to the cloud successfully which is great. 

I would always save a scribe locally to the base folder first to make sure all changes are up-to-date locally and then click save again and choose the cloud option.

Is this happening on one particular scribe? Or consistently with all scribes you try? Can you try opening a new scribe, adding a couple of elements and saving that locally and then to the cloud. See if that small and brand new scribe will save OK? 

If it seems to be just one scribe that's the issue may be worth copying all the elements from it onto a new scribe and trying to save that.

Let us know how you get on with those ideas

How can I access the cloud and find my video?

All scribes that are saved to your online directory can be accessed by clicking on the large cloud folder on the projects screen. It is the first folder after the create new scribe icon.

Me Pasa lo mismo con todos los proyectos que hago, y me ha tocado repetir un montón de veces.
Necesito que me den solución de inmediato, puesto que compramos el mes
Me parece ineficiente el programa y poco necesario que se guarden en nube, cuando s epodría guardar en memoria o el computador

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