Long scribe taking a while to publish on sho.co

  • Hi,
    as mentioned in the reply immediately before your reply, customer support would probably like you to attach the sho.co URL to your scribe so they can look for it.

    You might as well also save your project to the cloud folder and tell them the name of it because there is probably an issue with your project that is preventing it from rendering.

    Or there is always a chance that there is an issue on the sho.co servers, but that is less common.

    -Mike(videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike!

    Thanks for the fast replay! The video is already on the cloud!

    The name is AULA 1 - TRIP! 

    Should I open a ticket or you can solve this from here for me? 

    Thanks a lot! 

    Lohran Schmidt

  • Hi,
    It will probably catch the attention of customer support faster if you open a ticket.
    I don't work for them.

    Good luck!
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • We had a few technical difficulties with the sho.co site over last weekend which has caused a slight backlog that may have been the reason that the render took longer than usual. The problem has now been fixed and the backlog has been cleared so any future uploads to sho.co should be much quicker.

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