Scribe won't save anymore (MAC, version 2.3.2)

  • I didn't use videoscribe for a while, I just updated and now, when I open an existing scribe, edit it and want to save it, it does not let me. I can click the "V" button as many times as I want, it won't do anything. Also not if I change the filename or location. It also will not save online. Any ideas what this can be?

  • The upgrade you performed yesterday was from v2.3.0 to v2.3.2 and the main difference between these are bug fixes and certainly no changes that would effect the way your data is saved or accessed by the system. Is this one particular scribe that is showing these symptoms or all of your pre-saved work?

    I would try uninstalling the application, re-downloading the installer from and saving it to your desktop and then re-installing from there.

  • I just purchased Video Scribe Sunday- I am also unable to save full rendering to my Mac. The version I downloaded is v2.3.2. I love the program and I am eager to be able to complete the rendering. Is it possible Bas and I are having the same issue? Thanks ahead of time- warm regards.
  • I doubt they are similar issues as you are talking about publishing video files where Bas is talking about saving the scribe file.  Can you provide some specifics about what's happening when you try and publish? Also if you save the scribe to the online cloud folder we can take a look and see if we can work out what's happening.

  • Thanks Barry. Unfortunately that did not change anything. I removed videoscribe completely and reinstalled. I can open the scribes I saved online, but I cannot save them after I change something, not online and not locally (it also does not give me the option to select a local folder). It shows the save screen, put clicking the V button to save does nothing at all. Also I cannot export them to a scribe file (wanted to try export and import again)

    When I create a new scribe it works fine, I can store it locally, create a new folder or save it to my online account.

    Any other ideas I could try?

  • Indeed I have the exactly same issues on mac...with saving my scribes...

    Yesterday I have been able to upload one full scribe on ran sound....

    since then, I cannot save anymore on the web nor any change I could try to make the scribe smaller, the size....nothing helps.

    Any other infos????

  • Bas, may be worth trying to roll back to v2.3.0 then if that's where it was last working for you. Can't think of a reason it would work there and not in v2.3.2 but worth a try. Can be downloaded from Also if these scribes have a soundtrack try removing this and saving it. Sometimes the link between the track and it's saved location on the server corrupts and prevents saving. You can then add the soundtract back in after and re-save the link.

    France, I can see you have a support ticket logged for this so I will let the team reply to that rather than having 2 conversations going about the same issue

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