Use of Videos After Subscription.

  • If I have opted for one month subscription and made videos in that period.

    will I be allowed to use those videos after one month subscription on social network sites commercially ?(without subscribing further)

  • Full Ts&Cs are here

    But essentially yes you can. The only thing you cannot do without an active subscription is sell any material made in the application to a third party.

  • Thanks Barry.

    I tried to read terms and condition, may be its lengthy or Words used are hard to understand.

    can you clarify ? 

    As, I am going to upload videos made in Videoscribe app to YouTube and monetize it (for that I may use only one month subscription.) 
    will Videoscribe, Sparkol have any issue/share in published videos on YouTube ?

  • Depends on what you mean by monetize it. You cannot sell the video to a third party without a subscription. But if it's on a channel on YouTube and you gain revenue from that channel through means other than directly selling your video (advertising, links to other products for example) then that's fine.

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