Extended Trial

  • Me and my friend are doing a very important project with videoscribe, and our 7 day trial has ended 2 days ago and we are desperate to get this done. If you can help us get 2 more days for us to work on our project with a trial, that would be awesome! thanks.

  • any period of time extended would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

  • I'm not sure what the UK work schedule is for New Years weekend, but it's possible they are out of the office until Monday. You two might want to split the cost of 1 month Pro or EDU just to finish the video and then cancel.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Can see from the logs that you didn't get onto the application of the Xmas period so most of your trial was lost there. Happy to give you an extra 48 hours to make up for this. I'll add this to your account now.

  • I thought my trial was until today, and i have to present my project in school tomorrow, can  someone help me get my video please. It´s urgent, I´ll appreciate some help.

  • Hey I was using video scribe for an project for school and my trail ended please help me with some extension for my free trial
    I thank you for your time :)   


  • If you would like to discuss an extension of your free trial, please open a support ticket.