VideoScribe not for Retina?

  • Hey guys, 

    We are doing some significant UI redesign work at the moment and also have a few updates to make to the technology as well both of which should make things a lot sharper for retina displays. It's in design and will need to be tested etc before release but we are working on this.


  • I have a Pro license and the GUI hurts my designer eyes indeed. However the rendered MOV output is crispy clear on my MB Pro. The overall feeling is that this peace of software need a big update to modern standards, including retina.

  • Support for high resolution displays will be included in the upcoming VideoScribe version 3.0

  • I tried Videoscribe Beta 3.0, but it is still pixelated.... what is so difficult about this? I am really disappointed after 1,5 years... 

  • Now is late February 2018 and version 3.0.7 still does not support Retina displays! Also the app is not signed by an apple certificate and I must trust Sparkol and turn off the Apple protect. I am very disappointed!

  • The first MacBook with Retina Display was released in 2012 (six years ago!). Except VideoScribe, I don't know any commercial software that hasn't been updated for retina displays in the last six years. As I am a developer myself, I know that the changes are relatively easy to make and should be a total standard. A feature request should not be necessity.

  • In your message from 27th Jul 2017 Matthew Cook says, that "support for high resolution displays will be included in the upcoming VideoScribe version 3.0". That was an admin posting. By the way: From a developer´s and designer´s point of view it is absolutely not clear why this high resolution thing is such a big problem to change. Disappointing.

  • That's what I was told and that's what I told you. I do not know why this wasn't and isn't included in version 3 but I have raised this with the development team and product manager for VideoScribe.

  • Ok, but, to make me understand: What is the real problem? Is it a technical problem or your developers to solve this problem, or is there no interest / need? Or are you using a development environment that does not support high resolution displays? I mean, technically, this is, after years, really easy to change. To make software usable with high resolution displays is standard now for years.... So, my question: What is the problem? Thank you in advance.

  • I am pushing this with our development team and one of our developers is going to do some work on this soon. The development environment we use does support high resolution displays so it would just need to be implemented by our developers (so I believe). I'm not sure why this has not been done previously, maybe there were unforeseen complications that were not properly documented, but this has been pushed under the noses of the people who can change it and that is all I can do. 

  • Hey, VideoScribe v3.0.9 is due for release in the coming weeks and we believe the fix for Retina support will be included in that if all goes well

  • Let me expand on that as I've just received the testing branch for v3.0.9... Retina support is included in this release subject to passing testing.

  • Just in the final stages of testing the new version. Thought I would share the changes with you side by side (right click and open in new tab to see it in full resolution). Top is v3.0.9 and bottom is v3.0.8-4 


  • VideoScribe v3.0.9 was released this morning and this forum has been marked as implemented -

    Please download, have a look and let us know what you think.

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