Scene gets smaller and shifts to a different part of canvas

  • I am new to videoscribe and I have the purchased account. I have been working for days now on my scribe and I'm so frustrated. I have done things over and over again, and the same problem keeps happening. I have 3 scenes (so far). I have locked the camers on the elements of each scene respectively. Scene 2 when it runs ends in a different place on the canvas and gets smaller and scene 3 begins smaller and in a different place then I programmed (Scene 3 ends with 2 erase effects and I intended to add more layers to it.) I need to have my project ready in 2 days. Can anyone help- URGENTLY!?

  • Chavi, does it appear different on the rendered video to that of the preview within the application or are both showing at camera positions you are not happy with? If you let us see the scribe (export and attach here or save online and let us know what it's called) we can take a look for you.

    Generally though get VideoScribe to a level of zoom you want with all the elements you want to see showing. select everything showing on the canvas (Ctrl+Click on each item) and then hit the camera with a tick on it in the bottom right and you should have the effect of everything in the picture being drawn from the same camera position.

  • I am in the same position as Chavi: have downloaded the free-trial with the expectation that I will buy, but after 16 hours of work have just had the computer taken off me by wife as she fears for its future!

    Spent hours watching tutorials and entered the process expecting a steep learning curve, however, as it stands today, I will not be buying the product because it is not as good as I had expected - been operating computers for more than 20 years!  Massive frustration - get part of it really good then add another scene and chaos ensues - maddening!

    Have searched for "fixes" and advice but nothing works yet.  Back to the computer for one last go - need to wipe the whole lot and start again - seems like the only fix that works (for a while).

  • I'm having the same frustration during my trial. The last two text items cause the zoom out so everything gets small and unreadable. Would like to fix this so I can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy.

  • Terry, you need to select those text items, zoom in so it's at a level you would like it to be shown at in the video and then select the camera icon with a tick on it in the bottom right. That sets the point the camera will be at when the video is made to the image you have on screen. Our bootcamp video Set the camera position and use zoom - bootcamp session 2 covers this in more detail

    If any of you are having issues please export your scribes or upload them to the cloud folder and let us know what they are called, the timing in the scribe of the issue and what you are trying to achieve. We are happy to help

  • Hello VideoScribe team,

    I am also absolutely frustrated with the software. I just bought my license and am thinking to write to ask for a refund.

    I have worked with computers for more than twenty years and this is really frustrating for me, and really need the software. Please, understand that your video tutorials do not explain well enough all the issues with the canvas area, the addition of new scenes, the use of the camera set and the use of the zoom.

    May be you could make more detailed videos to explain, how the software knows when a new scene begins? I am doing this totally blind, sometimes works, sometimes does not. Why when a scene ends the software does not show the whole scene totally composed before continue with the next one?

    Seriously, I want to cry. And I am going to loose a client.

    My scribe is online, in your cloud, it is the only one, if you could help.

  • tip:
    1) add a new element to your scribe
    2) position the camera were you want it for that element
    3) with that element still selected, click the "set camera" icon in the lower right corner to save the camera setting for that element
    4) repeat for all elements.

    other tip:
    1) to move an element, click and drag it (click and drag anywhere within the bounding box of that element)
    2) to move the camera click and drag anywhere on the canvas that is not covered by an element or its bounding box
    3) alternately, you can use the arrow buttons near the lower left side of the canvas to move the camera.(Sparkol refers to it as moving the camera, but you could just as easily consider it "moving the whole canvas and everything on  the canvas")

    If you don't set the camera position manually for each element, then videoscribe assigns a default position for you that usually won't be as good.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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