2.3.4 bug

  • Attached is the scribe

    If you import the scribe to VS and watch it, notice I have a countdown.

    When you render the video, the countdown is not there.


    (5.53 MB)
  • Since I could not edit the above, I will add more comment here.

    After I discovered the 2.3.4 bug (see above comment and attached scribe), I uninstalled it and went back to an earlier version. The scribe I created in 2.3.4 was completely out of whack when I used an earlier version of video scribe. I thought something created in the 2.x family could be read by any 2.x version without any problems. Doesn't seem to be the case with 2.3.4...if you create it in 2.3.4 and later uninstall 2.3.4 and install and earlier version of the 2.x family, the scribe created in 2.3.4 will be messed up when you load it in an earlier version of videoscibe.

    Congrats again VS coders...good job.


  • We started to look at this last night Dan but we want to investigate a bit deeper before we update you. My colleague Dan is looking at this today and will get back to you shortly.

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