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  • Hi, I have a personal month to month subscription now, I did this to try out the software. Since then my college has purchased a subscription. When I cancel my personal subscription can the one video I created live in the new shared educational account we have for the college? If so, how do I move the file before I cancel my subscription?

    Also, can multiple users be on the account at the same time with our new shared education subscription?


  • Hi,

    I'm just a user, but I think this will answer your questions:

    To transfer your one scribe:
    1) log in to your personal account
    2) export the scribe as a .scribe file which can be saved to a location of your choice on the hard drive (or a usb drive, etc)
    3) log out
    4) log into the college account
    5) import the .scribe file from wherever you saved it on your hard drive
    6) save the scribe to your local or online directory using the regular save process in videoscribe.

    Simultaneous logins depend on the specific license(s) purchased. a single student EDU license can only be used on one computer at a time I believe. If your college purchased videoscribe for student use, then they probably purchased either the license that allows up to 30 users or one of the licenses that allows many more than that. You might have to ask the person who purchased the license(s), or the teacher teaching the course. they would have to provide you with login information as well.

    EDU info link



  • Awesome Mike, thanks so much!!

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