Where to start and create first scribe during 7 day free trial

  • I cannot find where I am supposed to start my first videoscribe? Can someone help with this? It is most likely really simple to find but I'm struggling TIA.


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  • We have a video that walks you through the first steps

    Getting started with VideoScribe

  • I already paid my first month but I do not know how to recover the work I saved. I login but nothing,  it is very difficult for me to go though all pages without success.  And please do not tell me look this or this video because I see it seems so easy but I repeat I do not find my video I made.  I login but it says:  Do you want to download Free Trial ????   Please help me because I already paid.

  • Hi,

    Some people get confused between the PROGRAM and the WEBSITE. You can't use the website to launch the program or to make or open scribes.

    (Assuming you used the program during your free trial and you are still on the same computer, and you did not delete it...) the program is still exactly where it was when you used it as a free trial. It has not moved and it is not hidden and you don't have to install anything new. Just close or minimize your web browser, then double click the videoscribe icon on your computer desktop to run videoscribe and login using the same login information you used during the free trial.

    If you upgraded your free trial to a paying account then you will still be able to see all of your saved scribes after you login to the program.If you created a new account with different login information then you may have to ask customer support to merge the accounts in some way.

    Hope that helps
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • VideoScribe is an application that you need to download and install on your computer. You can download the software from your account page just under the area you have highlighted yourself.

    Hope that helps.

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