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  •  Hi - is there a handwriting style font that anyone knows of that will display the Euro symbol in videoscribe?  The only font that seems to work is Basic but I really need something more "freehand" stye?

  • Here's a few category pages from free font sites that may suit you. If you click on any font you like the look of it will show the included character set and as long the € character is there it'll work in VideoScribe.

    Handwritten category on -

    Handwriting category on 1001 freefonts -

    Handdrawn category on fontsquirrel -

  • Brilliant - thanks Barry, i'll give them a go.


  • Didn't work :-(  - Get the error " Unable to display text.  The text contains unsupported characters, please check the input."


  • You know what Jenny it won't. Sorry my mistake.

    This is a known error and there are some characters that just don't work in any other font but basic at the moment and € is one of these.

    Reason I posted what I did originally is that I saw this issue tick over into done a while ago in the issue backlog. While it's fixed it's not released yet and will one of the things sorted in v2.3.5 which is in final testing and should be out next week.

  • Hi Barry - thanks for the update - for now I just drew the symbol in illustrator and added it in as an SVG wherever it was needed .... slightly painful, so glad to know it'll get fixed in the future :-)


  • Hello All,

    V2.3.5 was released yesterday and contains a fix for this and a number of other things. See for the full picture and a download link

  • Just a footnote to this! As well as downloading VideoScribe v2.3.5 you will also need to delete your font from VideoScribe and re-import it into v2.3.5 so the extra characters are imported for that font. 

    Import fonts

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