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  • Hi, I am presently trying out the free 7-day trial version. And I have a few questions before i deside to buy a Videoscribe.

    How much cost premium images?

    When I buy Videoscribe (yearly) have I 3rd party transfer rights?

    There is more content in paid version compared with trial version?

  • Hi,

    1) premium images (the ones with red tags in the image library) are provided by professional artists and videoscribe users. Those artists set the prices for those images. When I last looked, the prices ranged from $.98 to $79 USD. There is also a service called SVG STUDIO that provides a large library of additional images for a price.
    related link: buying-and-using-premium-images

    2) While you have an active paid membership,  you are allowed to sell videos, that you create using videoscribe content ( and any other properly licensed content), to a third party.

    3) The same library items are visible to free trial users and paid members. A search of the image library may return more images than you would see by just browsing the library folders, I think. Red tag (premium) images can only be purchased by paying videoscribe users.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thank you very much for your answer ;)

  • ;)


  • Mike as always has hit the nail on the head. I just have one thing to add.

    Price ranges for premium images can be found here -

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